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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cross-connection?
Any actual or potential connection of piping between public water system and consumers water system whereas there is or has the potential of introduction of fluids, gas, or other matters not intended for distribution or consumption.

What is backflow?
Backflow is a hydraulic condition which occurs within the main distribution system which may cause the reversal of flow of fluids, chemicals or other foreign materials back to the main water source by means of backsiphonage or backpressure.

How can a backflow occur?
Backflow occurs when the distribution side of an assembly has a sudden decrease in pressure (backsiphonage) causing water to then flow to the least resistance which would be the opening of a connection to atmospheric pressure. Example: Fire hydrant openings; water main break. Also backflow can occur from the pressures when on the discharge side of the assembly exceeds the inlet pressure forcing water flow backwards or what is known as a (backpressure) condition. Example: Thermal expansion.

What is Thermal Expansion?
Heated water in a closed system creates a pressure greater than the supply side.

Why is backflow protection necessary?
To ensure the quality and esthetics of our water source are maintained in a manner in which it can provide the purest, safest and more importantly contaminate free water.

How can backflow conditions be prevented?

  1. Stay in compliance with scheduled test.
  2. Be sure every connection within distribution system has some form of protection.
  3. Be sure protection meets degree of hazard requirements.
  4. Most importantly “Working Together” from water purveyors to inspectors, to contractors and you the consumer. It takes all of us to preserve and protect one of our most vital resources WATER.

When does my assembly need to be tested?
According to state plumbing code, all assemblies must be tested upon relocation, repair, and installation or at least annually. We at Backflow Technology, LLC contact our customers as a friendly reminder of their required test to ensure operational tests are scheduled and performed timely in an effort to meet compliance requirements by local water authorities. We also collaborate with water authorities to confirm testing dates of assemblies within their program to eliminate a duplication of efforts.

What is the purpose of testing?
The referred to “Testing” is to ensure that each independent spring loaded check is holding at the required psi (pounds per square inch) and that if applicable the spring loaded relief piston also opens at required psi. This is to ensure proper function ability of the assembly and more importantly to ensure your drinking water is contaminate free.