Backflow Technology, LLC

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Our reliable, professional specialists perform operational testing that conforms to A.S.S.E. (American Society of Sanitary Engineering) 5000 series test procedures. All field test gauges are calibrated annually to ensure correct and accurate readings. After inspection the assemblies are tagged and our office staff prepares and submits all test reports to the appropriate water authorities as required, with additional copies sent to our customers. A copy is maintained in our customized database maintaining pertinent info regarding your backflow assembly for future reference. We are recognized by all water purveyors as a quality testing company. We contact our customers in advance of the required test date to ensure operational tests are scheduled and performed timely in an effort to meet compliance requirements by local water authorities. Please don’t be fooled by other backflow testing companies who tell you pricing is in accordance with the size of assembly! The operational test is the same whether it’s a ½” to a 12” assembly. Therefore, we at Backflow Technology, LLC charge the same price regardless of size.

Brandon Burriss, Backflow Technology


All repairs are made using original manufactured parts. Operational tests are performed after repairs as required by local and state code.

Rob Rickerson, Backflow Technology


All installations from new to replacements are performed by our experienced employees (we do not subcontract) and are installed in compliance with state and local code. We also perform all low, medium and high hazard installations in compliance with local water authority deficiency letters and/or citations.



Our specialists have collectively over 10,000 hours in cross connection survey work. We are extremely knowledgeable in distribution piping layout and point of connection, containment and isolation requirements as it pertains to backflow prevention assembly and device requirements.